To My Mom & Dad On My Wedding Day


Oh I could just cry, I am so excited about these wedding day cards! Unique and sweet, they are a perfect way to say thank you to your parents on one of the biggest and best days of your life. 

My hope with The Tabitha Shop is to help you cultivate gratitude during a season where materialism and discontentment can run rampant (hello, hours of Pinterest scrolling). One of the ways to accomplish that goal is to sit down with a pen in hand and tell your mom and dad how much they mean to you. Recall a time when they stuck with you through your roughest days or when you called them almost squealing about this guy who might just be the one. 

I hope the love pours out all over these cards! I have several different floral and simple designs available for you to choose from. Pop into the shop and order one for your mom and/or dad today! 

wedding day cards
to my dad card
to my mom wedding day card
father of the bride card