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Giving back to others is so incredibly important to The Tabitha Shop! Over the years, this little paper shop has helped as many people as possible in many ways, finally settling on supporting a woman named Tabitha in Ghana.

giving back

compassion international

I am so humbled to see women in third world countries get after it. Through Tabitha Shop donations and Compassion International, we came alongside them to make their dreams a reality. In addition, in 2018, I settled on sponsoring a woman named Tabitha in Ghana earn an education while she learns about Jesus. Iā€™m excited to see where she goes!

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compassion international 

Water is life! We were able to donate several water filtration systems for families who have access to water but need it to be cleaned of all the dangerous bacteria. 

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baptist global response

My heart broke every time I heard about the Syrian refugee crisis and knew I had to do something, even if in a small way. 

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samaritans purse

This one hit so close to home as a Texan. In 2017, Houston was slammed with a major hurricane that left a majority of the city under water. Their rebuilding efforts will take years, but with Tabitha Shop donations, we were able to help. 

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bybel adoption

Our sweet friends are adopting an older child out of the foster care system and I couldn't be more grateful and excited to be a part of it! Donations were given to help their home study and any other needs they may have along the way.