Texas, My Texas

Photo by Rifle Paper Company

Photo by Rifle Paper Company

The Tabitha Shop was started with the desire to marry creativity to helping those in desperate need. This little business has not only seen several different phases (initial necklaces, hand lettered wall decor, to finally floral thank you cards) but has also donated to causes all around the world. From equipping women in third world countries to funding water wells, I'm always seeking out ways to expand creativity's possibilities. To grow the idea that a thank you card is more than a folded up piece of paper. It's a blessing to you, to your friends and family, and to the world. 

For the months of March - August of this year, I pledged to help refugees in Syria and surrounding areas. And it was a joy to send hundreds of dollars to feed people who have evacuated their country, often at the risk of their lives. You guys did that. And when I made the largest donation I've ever been able to make through The Tabitha Shop last quarter, I couldn't help but bust a few moves in my backyard. (The Tabitha Shop is also wildly passionate about spontaneous dancing.) 

So, now that the stifling heat of summer is shifting into crisp fall breezes, I'm turning funds to my much beloved state of Texas. 

We've all seen the devastation and perhaps have felt it personally in some way or another. Millions of people in Houston and surrounding areas have been affected by the floods from Hurricane Harvey, including many of my friends and family. Now that the waters are receding and we're all getting a glimpse of the devastation, now is the time to act. To come alongside my fellow Texans and help them move forward. 

For the month of September, I'll be donating a portion of profits to Samaritans Purse to bring hope, help and healing to people who have seen their homes and lives washed away. I hope you'll partner with me, friends. Because creativity, small business, and weddings can be about so much more. 

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Mikaela Mathews