18 Amazon Prime Day Deals for Brides

amazon prime day deals

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Amazon is going all out for their Prime customers next week (July 16-17)! Electronics, books, kids' clothing, you name it, it'll probably have an incredible deal. Although it's not necessarily geared towards weddings, Prime Day can still benefit you, my dear bride!  

First, if you aren't a Prime member, do it now. I can't tell you how many times Prime has saved the day for me, from ordering my favorite book to #allthebeachthings for our big trips. Trust me, it's worth the $50 to get next day shipping on so many things! You can sign up for it here

Once you're a Prime member, you'll be eligible for discounts happening right now, before Prime Day even starts. If you're in the market for bridesmaid gifts, wedding decor, or jewelry, you could score some super helpful savings. Many Amazon sellers have already started to discount their items in anticipation of the big day, some up to 20% off. So, shop away, my friend! Here's to finding a good deal for your big day! 


amazon bridesmaid mug


Love this mug as a bridesmaid gift! Tuck it into one of my bridesmaid boxes (it'll fit standard-size mugs!) and you're ready to gift your besties with the sweetest gift.

funny bridesmaid gifts


Hahaha, don't mind me. I'll just be in my kitchen, not losing the faith. This kitchen towel is a perfect gift for your goofy bestie.

amazon maid of honor gift


For your foodie bridesmaid who loves serving and eating her food in unique dishware! You could also use this as decor on your tables or to set out candies for a candy bar, too. It's a brand new product, so there aren't any reviews yet, but it definitely looks gorgeous!

wooden last name wedding


So this is advertised for a baby's room, but I think this wooden name would make a beautiful decor for your reception. If you're going with his last name, get it engraved and hang it over your cake table! This one will work double duty, too, when you're finished. Just hang it in your new home!

amazon wedding jewelry


I love this dainty choker . It's perfect to layer with another longer necklace. It's a sweet gift for your bridesmaids to wear on your big day or any other day of the year!

amazon prime day deals


It doesn't get more adorable. Blow these beauties up before your photos and take a few together with them. When you're finished, tie them up on your chairs for a perfect added touch!

amazon prime wedding deals


All hail the neon sign! Oh I wish I had done this at our reception, even if it didn't really fit our style. I just love how fun it is! Prop this guy over your cake table or as soon as guests enter your reception and everyone is sure to have a good time. You can use it at home, too, after you've said your I Do's!

amazon bridesmaid gifts


This bag is so beautiful and thoughtful. Gift it to your besties who are ready to take on the world and look good doing it.

spa gift for bridesmaids


This picture is making me feel more relaxed, just looking at it. A gift set for the bridesmaid who needs a day to just CHILL (or maybe just for yourself, my weary friend?).

amazon mug wedding


If you're the glam kinda girl and love all things rose gold, this mug is discounted by 20%! It's a gorgeous mug to sip out of on the morning of your big day!

groomsman gift amazon


This personalized wallet would be a good groomsman gift! It's practical and expensive-looking, so if your man hasn't gotten around to finding a gift for his men yet, now you're covered.

pencils gift


Leslie Knopp is sick and going to the doctor.
"Leslie, let me look up your symptoms on the computer...Ok, the computer says you have network connectivity issues." Best Andy Dwyer quote EVER, which apparently was ad-libbed by Chris Pratt and helped get him a permanent spot on the show.
If you have a bestie whose as nerdy about Parks & Rec as yours truly, these pencils should keep her entertained.

cat gift


For the bridesmaid who wishes she was a lot more rebellious than she actually is. Or, just obsessed with cats. My husband hates cats, but I can't stop laughing at this hilarious print that I might just sneak it into our decor anyway.

bridesmaid gift


Throw blankets as gifts are a perfect balance of practical and gorgeous. If you're hosting a winter or fall wedding, throw in one of the mugs from above and you have a complete and stunning gift for your girls.

mrs gift amazon


Ok, this one is a little treat yo' self gift. You need a place to keep that bling safe and sound! This gorgeous ring dish will do the job for ya.

wedding jewelry


Ohh, so classy! Wrap these beauties up in a scarf or the throw blanket from above and you have a gorgeous gift. These would be stunning for all of your bridesmaids to wear, especially if you're throwing a formal wedding.

bridesmaid gift amazon


Who doesn't love an extra tumbler in their cabinets? I would feel a degree more sophisticated carrying this tumbler of steaming tea around with me. The bright gold top on this is a perfect touch, too. A gorgeous bridesmaid gift!

stud earrings


Stud earrings are my favorite to wear, no matter the occasion. These modern studs would be perfect to give your bridesmaids to wear on your big day. They'd work beautifully for a boho, casual wedding. And your 'maids can wear them again and again!