5 Gifts to Give to Your Parents on Your Wedding Day

father of the bride mother of the bride gift ideas

You've gotten gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, house party, wedding planner, and even your photographer. But, have you thought about your parents yet? They're likely expecting nothing from you, but what a sweet surprise to be gifted a thoughtful present on your big day. 

I know it's overwhelming to think of yet another gift to give or thing to buy, so I picked out just four gift ideas (2 for mom + 2 for dad) that are not only beautiful but can also be personalized. They're classy and if your parents are prone to emotions, will make them cry. ;) Pair any of these gifts below with a to my mom or dad wedding day card from the shop and it'll make the perfect gift! 

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mother of the bride gift ideas

I love the simplicity of this gift. Your mom is going to need a purse for your big day, but with this one, she's able to tuck you close to her heart even as she gives you away. You can personalize it with any photo - choose one from your childhood or a favorite of the two of you.

mother of the bride handkerchief

All of the crying emojis. Even if you know your mom is going to lose it on your wedding day, don't let her use this to catch her tears. It's way too pretty to actually use! After the wedding, she can frame it or neatly tuck it on her nightstand to always remember your big day. 


father of the bride gift ideas

Perfect for any dad. These socks look comfortable and classy. Give them to him at the rehearsal dinner and it'll probably be his most favorite pair of socks ever. 


Father of the Bride Tie

I love the gifts that dads get to secretly wear. Although the tie patch won't be completely visible, it's a sweet reminder - close to his heart - that you will always love him, always be his little girl, even as he's giving you away. 


to my mom card

To My Mom/Dad Card

These cards have quickly become a best seller in my shop and I LOVE that. It brings me such joy thinking about all of the love and gratitude poured out in these cards for parents who sacrificed and cared for you. You can pair a card with a gift or just hand one to them on your wedding day. Sometimes a simple "I love you" from their daughter is best.