How to write wedding thank you cards

how to write wedding thank you cards


There's no doubt you love the friends and family who just threw you the most gorgeous bridal shower. You want to make sure they know you're grateful, but, you've also got caterers to book and escort cards to DIY. Not only finding the time, but also the words for thank you cards, is daunting! 

I totally understand that. So, today, I’m going to show you how to write short and sweet thank you cards that allow you to thank your friends and family while still giving you the time you need to wedding plan. All you need to do is include these five things in your thank you notes: 

1. Greeting
This one is easy enough. Make sure you include their name at the top and then get going. You could launch into the next sentence or you could make it a little more fun if you're writing to a best friend or co-worker. You could include "AHHH!!!" or "You're the best!" if you want to make it feel a little less formal. 

2. Thank you for XXX. 
Here, you want to make sure you thank them for the specific item(s) they gave you. Don't make it generic. If they took the time to get you something, you have the time to thank them. This sentence can be pretty straight-forward: "Thank you for the citrus peeler and new blender!" (Make sure you use this printable gift list to record all of the gifts you get at your shower!) 

3. How you plan to use it or the benefit it will have. 
For this next sentence, elaborate a little bit more about why you're grateful for the gift. A few ideas: "You know how much I love my smoothies in the morning!" or "I'm planning on using that knife set to prep our first meal together in our new home." or "That citrus peeler will come in handy on our first picnic." 

4. What you are grateful about them as a person
We're almost finished. This is where we'll get a little more personal. Depending on your relationship with the person, you can either go really deep or stay shallow. If she's a big part of the wedding (bridesmaid, future sister-in-law, etc.), then make sure to thank her for helping plan or that you are excited to join the family. If she is more of an acquaintance, thank her for simply coming to the shower. 

5. Closing
Wrap it up nicely with a simple "With love," or "Can't wait to see you on (your wedding date)!"

Of course, You can mix and match or move around your sentences to make them feel more natural. But these will help you get started. And if you need a little bit more inspiration, here are a few examples: 

Thank you so much for the picnic blanket and Mr. & Mrs. champagne flutes! I can’t wait to break them out for our first picnic as husband and wife. I’m so grateful to have you in my life for all of these years! 
Can’t wait to celebrate with you on October 21! 

You are just the best. The bath towels you gave me are fantastic. They’re going to look perfect in my bathroom and I am just so grateful! Thanks again for coming to the shower. It was fun getting to see you and catch up! 

AHHHHH!!! The personalized cutting board and chip and dip bowl is perfect! We are going to use it all of the time when people come over to watch the A&M football games. (Gig 'em, Aggies!) Thank you for all you’ve done with this wedding. You are the best maid of honor a girl could ask for. Let’s party! 
Love you, 

I hope this is helpful for you! Now that we’ve talked about the how of thank you card writing, make sure you’ve got your own set of thank you’s. Grab a personalized “future mrs” set or a general set you can use even after your wedding!