Hues of Blue Wedding Inspiration

Clockwise, starting top left: Photo by  Clark Brewer  via  100 Layer Cake  // via  Plan Your Perfect Wedding  //  Future Mrs Thank You Card  by  The Tabitha Shop  // photo by  LARA LAM  via  Magnolia Rouge  // photo by  Meghan Mehan  via  Style Me Pretty

Clockwise, starting top left: Photo by Clark Brewer via 100 Layer Cake // via Plan Your Perfect Wedding // Future Mrs Thank You Card by The Tabitha Shop // photo by LARA LAM via Magnolia Rouge // photo by Meghan Mehan via Style Me Pretty

Mismatched weddings are some of the classiest weddings. They accomplish the "sophisticated without even trying" look so well. If you're wanting a simple, easy and gorgeous wedding, go with a mismatched color palette. All you need to do is simply choose a hue (pink, blue, green, etc.) and decorate within that color spectrum.

Today, as we walk through this color inspiration post, we'll be talking about hues of blue because it's a perfect color for a fall or winter wedding.  My hope with these color inspiration posts isn't to leave you with a few pretty pictures and nothing else. I want to walk through each of these photos to help you figure out why they're so beautiful and how you can implement it realistically into your own wedding. 

Accent colors

We'll talk about bridesmaid dresses (where the mismatched magic truly shines!) in a moment. But, before we do that, let's talk about those pretty, pretty blooms. I know I just told you to pick one color and stick within that spectrum, but this is a perfect example of what to do if all that blue looks a little bland. Pair a contrasting color (in this case, a deep red) in one to two places in your wedding. You don't have to add it all throughout your decor. You can keep it to your bridesmaids bouquets or in one other place to break up the blue.  

Bridesmaid Dresses

This is where a mismatched wedding can really show off! It might be the reason why you chose having an all-blue/pink/gray wedding in the first place. Letting your girls show off their personality with their dresses or breaking up the monotonous same dress is a modern shift that creates a stunning wedding. 

Don't be intimidated by this look. You can easily pull it off. If you're purchasing your bridesmaid dresses from a major retailer, chances are that they will have dresses in several different blue colors. Pick 3-4 colors (depending on the number of bridesmaids) and let your girls choose their favorites! If you want the girls in a specific order while at the altar, however, assign each person a color so there aren't two of the same next to each other. The more spread out, the better! 

Also, make sure to choose similar colored blues/red/pinks/etc. You don't want one bridesmaid in a neon blue while another is clad in a soft pale blue. If you'd like louder colors, then choose all within that family. But make sure they are close to each other. 

The key is to keep the dresses in a similar style. It's OK if some are strapless or halter. But, make sure the lengths and material stay the same. You want a styled mismatch. If one bridesmaid is wearing a tea-length while another is wearing floor-length, it will throw off the whole look.   


Thank You Cards

Don't forget your stationery! You can go a little off the color palette beaten path with your thank you cards and other stationery, but if you want to stick with your colors, these keep with a blue theme. I sell these pretty little thank you cards in my shop and it's a joy to get to personalize them for future Mrs! 

photo by    LARA LAM    via    Magnolia Rouge

Wedding Cake

Simple wedding cakes. You can never go wrong with them. Although making cakes like this isn't always easy, decorating it can be! If you want to jazz up your wedding cake a bit, ask your florist (or buy some for yourself!) to add a flower crown at the base of the cake. Use the same type of flowers from your bouquet (or maybe include the deep red from your bridesmaid's bouquets). Make sure to keep the florals consistent throughout your wedding. You'll want at least 1-2 different types of flowers and of course, a good dose of greenery. If your bouquet is loose and organic, try to imitate that in your cake. And, top it off with one gorgeous flower. 


This is a perfect opportunity for you to jump in on the mismatched fun. Your 'maids may be sporting the different colors, but you're in all white. Shoes are where you can add that pop of color. Choose a color similar to your bridesmaid's dresses. If all of them are in soft blues, make sure to match them. 

And if you want to get a similar picture as this stunning one, ask your photographer to snap a shot with your lacy veil as a backdrop.

I hope this was helpful for you while you figure out your wedding colors! I post wedding color inspiration every week right here on the blog. If you want to know they're posted - and for more helpful wedding tips - enter your info below!