A Groomsmen Gift They'll Love {LMTLS Watch Review}

Several weeks ago, a company called LMTLS Watches reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their watches. I said yes and a few weeks later, the watch appeared at my doorstep, wrapped beautifully, begging to be opened. I had asked my husband before it shipped if he wouldn't mind testing it out for me, so the first thing he did after our week long beach trip was march to the mailbox and rip open the packaging on his new watch. 

groomsmen gift

And ya'll, he loves it. He's a self-professed non-watch wearer, but the soft leather band, minimalist face, and my insistence that he'd look good in this one won him over. He wears it every day now. 

So how does this help you if you're in the throes of wedding planning? Well, if you're looking for that ever-elusive groomsmen gift they'll actually like, you can look no further, my friends. This watch will be one he'll love and wear for a long time to come. Here's why. 

groomsmen gift


LMTLS watches come in a sturdy black casing with the logo on top. Inside, the watch is neatly tucked into a soft cushion to keep it safe. My husband couldn't wait to break it open and start wearing it. There's just enough room inside the casing to insert a small note if you wanted to. But, the box is so pretty, er, manly, that you don't even need to wrap it. 


It's beautiful, y'all. A no-numbered, crisp white face against a deep brown leather, this watch is a gorgeous time-tracking machine. Several people have complimented my husband on his new wardrobe addition and it goes with everything. He's a neutrals kind of a guy -- black, white, and maybe a blue shirt thrown in every now and then -- so he's loved being able to throw this on no matter what he's wearing. And even if your groomsmen have more of an affinity for color, it'll still match anything. 

groomsmen gift


LMTLS gives you four watch options. Yes, just four. Minimalism, baby. Imagine the lack of stress you now don't have to endure debating between hundreds of different colors and styles.  All color options are neutral and classy in any context. Now you can use that extra brain power to decide on your wedding dress. 


LMTLS also offers groomsmen packages to give you a discount when you're gifting these beauties. It sounds like the discount varies, so contact LMTLS for more info if you're interested in bundling. Oh and standard delivery is also free in the US, too! 



Although my husband and I both absolutely love this watch, we did run into a minor snafu worth mentioning. 

During an "intense" game of Secret Hitler with his coworkers (I think he was holding up his hands in defense of not being a fascist or something), the face of my husband's watch nearly flew off. The top hinge somehow came undone and the watch came off his wrist. The good news is that he was able to repair it himself and it hasn't happened again since. I've even tugged hard on the top hinge to see if I could get it to come off again, but have had no luck. It's tight and secure! 

I reached out to LMTLS to ask if this was common and they assured me they had never heard of that happening before. The beauty of having a LMTLS watch is that they offer a 1 year quality guarantee. So if your groomsmen have a freak accident like my husband but can't fix it themselves, LMTLS will get it back to its beautiful state again for free. 

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If you're thinking, "Oh my gosh, no more shopping! And these are beautiful! Yes, please!"  Then go check them out and tell them I sent you!