A Bridesmaid Gift That'll Make Them Look & Feel Good

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I'm grateful to not have had too many skin issues in my life, except for oh, right, all of middle school. Although my skin has toned down a bit now that I'm coasting through my 30's, I know it's not getting all that it needs. My face wash routine typically consists of using an all-natural facial wash in the shower at night and that's about it. I'm good about cleaning my face, but giving it the all-important nutrients that it really needs? Wellllll....

The good news is that it's easy, it's affordable, and (lucky you!) it's bridesmaid gift-worthy. 

TruSelf Organics reached out to me to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing their Soothing Mask Kit, specifically for brides who would want to gift it for their 'maids. The ask came at a perfect time for me since my husband and I recently decided to trade all of our toxic skin care for the good stuff. TruSelf is one of those companies that's straight forward with their ingredients and after my (not hippy dippy) doctor warned me about all of the chemicals I've been ingesting and absorbing, I am ALLL about that organic life. 

The sweet ladies at TruSelf are also giving YOU guys a special deal! Simply use the code "Tabitha25" at checkout for 25% off any TruSelf's products. 

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This Soothing Mask Kit would be a perfect gift for your bridesmaids because it feels good, smells good, and will make her look good. It comes with the mask, solution, a freaking adorable bowl and spoon, and a luscious brush. It would also make a fun bachelorette spa weekend gift! 

If you do use it for a spa weekend - or even on your wedding day (although I'd recommend trying it out before just to make sure you don't have any strange reaction!) - it's very easy to apply.

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First, mix one and a half scoops of the solution with two scoops of the mask. Once you've stirred it all together, you should get a nice green paste. The instructions are to then use that super soft brush to apply, but I honestly had trouble using it. Maybe I should have poured more of the solution (or filtered water) to thin the mask, but the paste I created was too thick to use the brush. I ended up using my fingers instead. 

I found the smell really calming. It's made of matcha, cucumber and oatmeal, but it's the matcha that you can really smell. It dried quickly and I only let it stay on for around 15 minutes. My skin can be a bit sensitive, so I wanted to test it out first. After a few uses, I'll increase the time I let it stay on. 

matcha face wash

Washing it off was clean and simple. And my skin definitely felt much smoother after one use! Everyone's skin is different, of course, but I'd recommend a moisturizer after use. My face started to feel very dry until I applied some of my own moisturizer. 

And there you have it, friends! I was really impressed with the quality of this mask and the customer service, too! All of my emails were responded to promptly and kindly, which is such a plus in a world with limited customer service. Let me know if you grab one of these fantastic masks for your bridesmaids!  

And remember, you can use the code "Tabitha25" at checkout for 25% off any TruSelf's products!