Five Online Classes to Teach You Calligraphy For Your Wedding


The sound of the nib scratching against the page and the slow, careful dip of the pen into a bottle of ink - there's nothing quite like calligraphy. Although it's certainly an impractical way to communicate nowadays, the beauty of calligraphy is timeless, especially for weddings.

Today, I've pulled together five different online classes you can enroll in to teach you how to make your own beautiful wedding pieces. Whether you're an occasional dabbler or a full-blown professional DIY bride, these online calligraphy classes will give you all the tools you need to create stunning envelopes, signs, and anything else you could ever want to personalize! 

And if you're feeling a little overwhelmed by ALL the paper you need for your wedding, click here to download my super handy wedding paper checklist! 



Calligraphy Classes Online - Postman's Knock

1. Postman's Knock

I don't remember when I stumbled onto Postman's Knock, but ever since that day, I've been ogling her gorgeous work! Her classes are very affordable and have video lessons, as well as several different worksheets you can use to get in some good practice. 

Wedding Calligraphy Classes

2. Bryn Chernoff's Skillshare Class 

With several videos and years of experience, Bryn's Skillshare class offers students resources and practice to create beautiful letterforms. By the end of her class, you should be writing off those wedding invites in no time! 

Learn Wedding Calligraphy Brit + Co

3. Brit + Co 

Brit + Co's number of classes is almost overwhelming. Can a girl just have a whole week to learn fun new hobbies?! Getting married is the perfect excuse to dive in and learn a new skill. 

Online Classes for Calligraphy

4. LH Calligraphy

I'm pretty sure every calligraphy photo I've ever favorited on Instagram is from LH Calligraphy. Ok, maybe not all of them. But it's certainly a lot of them. Her work (and website!) is stunning and her class comes with all the tools you'll need to take your calligraphy to the next level. 

Online Calligraphy Classes

5. by Moon and Tide 

I stumbled on by Moon and Tide on Etsy while doing some research for a reception wedding signs post and was so riveted by her work! Her calligraphy flows organically onto the page for a loose, casually elegant feel. If that's the look you're going for, I highly recommend you check her out!