When to Send Your Thank Yous


Are you still basking in the glow of a beautiful bridal shower thrown in your honor? Don't lose the glow when you realize you have to send thank yous! Writing them doesn't have to be a chore (especially when you have these pretties) but it's important to be timely when you thank your people.

Etiquette doesn't vary much when it comes to writing your thank yous. Typically, you should send them out between two to three weeks after a bridal shower.

The same applies when Pyrex tupperware from your aunt randomly shows up on your doorstep before your nuptials.

For gifts you receive at your wedding, etiquette gives you a little more time. Thank yous should be signed, sealed and delivered within three months of your wedding. 

If this stresses you out, don't panic! People aren't waiting by their mail boxes for your thank you card. Most understand that wedding planning and post-wedding life can be busy. Set a date on your calendar or a reminder on your phone to spend 30 minutes writing out your notes.

And if you're in need of a few pretty (and even personalized!) thank you cards, come on over to the shop. I can help you out!