3 Online, Affordable Printers for your DIY Invites

online printers for printable wedding invites

Disclosure: A few of these links are affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, I make a small commission if you purchase. Thank you for supporting my little blog! 

So you opted for DIY, print-at-home invites! You probably have your eyes set on an affordable, debt-free wedding or want to spend your hard-earned money on a fantastic honeymoon. Going the DIY route will certainly save you buckets of money. But do you know where you can print them? If you don't have a great printer at home, online printers can save you hours of time and even money. 

Today, I'm going to spill the beans on three of my favorite, go-to printers for my own stationery shop. Although I print all of my cards, wine labels, and stickers in house, I do outsource my occasional wedding invitation client's work. These printers are some of my absolute favorites because of their fast shipping, high quality and excellent customer service. You're gonna love them! 

1. CatPrint

I use CatPrint to print wedding invitations and they do not disappoint. Their wholesale pricing is incredible. You can get 100 5x7 invitations printed for around $40, plus $7.70 for 7 day shipping. Score!

They offer a host of paper options, so if you're not sure what type to get, I'd suggest ordering their wedding paper sample pack. They'll send you their best picks for wedding invitations and save the dates. My personal preferences are the 100 lb uncoated heavy card stock plain or 120 lb. matte coated cover stock.

2. Vistaprint

Ok, Vistaprint is a little relentless. Be prepared to click through several "recommended product" screens while checking out. Nonetheless, their pricing and print quality is fantastic. You can simply upload your invitation and ta-da! Finished. A set of 100 invites will run you around $78 for standard paper, which is a bit more than Catprint; however, you do get white envelopes to go with the invites as well. 

I prefer Vistaprint over CatPrint for jobs with smaller cards. So, if you're printing out RSVP or details cards, you might find a better print quality with Vistaprint. 

You can also request a sample pack of their paper. The linen or premium matte are my favorite papers. 

3. Prints of Love

I don't have as much experience with this company, but I was super happy with the sample pack they sent me. If you like the glossy look, Prints of Love would be perfect for you. Their glossy paper and printing is fantastic. 

First time orders get a 10% discount and 100 glossy 5x7 invites run around $80.

I hope this helps you find an affordable, online printer. It is possible to create beautiful invitations all on a budget. Now, get on with your beautiful self and print off those invites!