5 Tips For Buying Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation tips

Finding and finalizing your wedding stationery can be tricky! Between designing, pricing, and purchasing are several surprises you might find along the way. That's why I asked a few professional wedding stationers their top tips in creating a smooth process from start to finish.  Whether you're DIYing your invites or hiring a designer, these tips will help you navigate the tricky stationery waters. 

1. "Don’t be afraid to include card inserts so your invitation doesn’t become cluttered. Also, give feedback, you’re a paying customer... but trust your invitation designer too!" - Jenna Bostick

2. "There are design choices that can lead to additional costs for postage. Any time I have a client that asks for a square invitation or to add a thick ribbon that could make the size over 1/4" thick, I inform the client of the additional cost for postage." - Karin Webster of Blue Bonsai Printing

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3. "Yes, don’t forget about postage (for RSVP envelopes, too!) when budgeting, and start really early! The design process can take a long time but so can the postal service, and those delays can be awful. One more! Minimize the “cooks in the kitchen” and only show proofs to your wingman or woman— a whole chorus of voices and changes never goes well." - Jesse Jo at Freed Hands


Invite by Freed Hands

Invite by Freed Hands

4. "It's great to have a general style in mind, but try to avoid too much 'inspiration' from a design you've previously found on Instagram or Pinterest! You'll receive a much more distinctive design if we start with you and your unique love story, not a reflection of someone else's." - Sarah Erickson

5. "I always recommend a priority list. Many times 'wants' don't correlate with budget. Defining what is most important vs. what is least and comparing costs for the same helps a bride to make decisions without too much anxiety." - Barbara Johnson at More Than Words 

Love these tips! The keys to a smooth invitation buying experience are patience, intentionality, and trusting the process. Do you have any other tips you'd include? Leave them below in the comments!