A Complete Guide to Wedding Signs (Part 2): Nine Signs You Need At Your Ceremony

I hope last week's post was helpful for you to determine your budget, style and time with your wedding signs!

Today, we're diving into the nitty gritty details of all the signs you might want at your ceremony. Although the options are honestly endless and depend widely on your venue and style, these ceremony signs will help you get going on determining what you need for your ceremony.

I've listed nine different signs you might want, as well as DIY posts (if you decided to go the crafty route!), beautiful signs to purchase, and a link to my Pinterest board for more inspiration!

If you're looking for the first part of the series (where we talk about style, budget and time),

you can find it here!

And if you want to skip straight to the reception, here you go!

DIY: Printable Sign from The Brumby Nest

1. Welcome Sign

Since you won't exactly be at the front of the ceremony welcoming in your guests, let the sign do all the work for you. This will most likely be your guests' first interaction with your wedding, so make it large and beautiful!

If you need a little help with ideas, here are a few....

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

DIY: Printable Guest Book Sign by Little Carabao Studio

2. Sign the Guest Book

If you want your guests to sign a puzzle piece, find their birthday on a calendar or write advice cards for your guest book, make sure to let them know what to do.

If you need a little help with ideas, here are a few....

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

Purchase: Wooden Gifts & Cards Sign by Flora South Designs

3. Gift Table

Usually at the front of the ceremony, the gift table will let you guests know they can drop off their pretty little packages right there. Add a sign to make sure guests don't think it's just a random table.

If you need a few ideas...

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Inspiration: Photo by Elizabeth Fogarty via Style Me Pretty

4. Seating Arrangement

If you have people whose friendships span both the bride and the groom's life, then forcing them to "pick a side" at the wedding can be a little awkward. A new trend (which I'm seriously loving) is to let guests sit wherever they'd like - to pick a seat, not a side.

If you want a few ideas...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

Purchase: Wedding Program Sign by Mulberry Market Design

5. Programs

To save on costs, many couples are now putting their program on a sign while also welcoming in their guests. You could easily make this one by hand or if you've got a million bridesmaids, hand it to an expert.

A few ideas?

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

Inspiration: Flower Girl Sign by The Ritzy Rose

6. Here Comes The Bride

Something cute (and maybe a little sassy) for your ring bearer or flower girl to hold while walking down the aisle is a sweet detail to add.

Here are a few ideas for ya...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

DIY: In Loving Memory Downloadable Print by The Party Tree Studio

7. Honoring Lost Loved Ones

Although your wedding day will be one of the most joyful days of your life, you may also feel a shade of sadness for those you wish were there with you. There are several ways to remember your lost loved ones, but here are a few sign ideas for you to remember them.

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

DIY: Reserved Signs by Something Turquoise

8. Reserved Seats

Make sure you save a seat for your parents, any step-parents, grandma and grandpa, any siblings or other family members! Although most people attending a wedding realize that the front row is reserved, it's a nice personalized touch to your chairs. It also makes for great photos and can help your VIP family feel even more special.

If you want some ideas...

DIY // Purchase // Inspiration

Purchase: Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign by Rich Design Co.

9. Unplugged Ceremony

And lastly, if you want your guests to be fully present (and not standing in the middle of the ceremony so that they can get just the right shot), let them kindly know to please put away their devices before the ceremony begins.

A few ideas, you say?

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Hope these nine ideas help you think through your wedding ceremony well! Next week, we'll talk about the reception. See you then!