A Complete Guide to Wedding Signs (Part 1)


Hey, bride. I see you. You're overwhelmed and anxious. You've been looking forward to your wedding day for so long and now that it's here, you're stuck between decision paralysis or freak out about everything. Wasn't this supposed to be a fun process?

If you've been oohing and aahhing over Pinterest pictures and stumbled on a photo with the most beautiful wedding signage, you may have suddenly remembered that you don't have a way to tell people how to smush their thumb into a stamp pad for your finger-print guest book or that the rows of candies sitting on the table at the front of the reception are favors for taking and eating.

Details like signs at your wedding can easily slip through the planning cracks. You've got everything from your dress to the honeymoon worked out, but things like how to welcome guests and what drinks will be served at the reception might have slipped your mind.

Commence the freak out.

We've all been there. I lived by my master checklist while I was planning a wedding seven years ago but having someone walk me through the details would have been so helpful for me at the time. As a bride, I (and probably you too) had to put on my event coordinator hat in order to juggle it all, which means paying close attention to the details.

So that's why I've pulled together a series of three posts designed to help you step away from the freak out and into control when it comes to details like wedding signs. We'll talk about the upfront decisions you should make (budget, style, time constraints), what should be at your ceremony, and what should be at your reception. My hope is that you'll walk away with confidence in knowing what to have at your wedding and peace to enjoy the rest of your engagement, as you should!

Even if you only have a few weeks or days until your wedding, you'll still be able to create beautiful signage all within your budget after the series!

Want to skip ahead? I've got the ceremony signs and the reception signs covered for you!

So for today's post, we'll be talking about those upfront decisions you should make when it comes to wedding signs. Don't worry - you've probably already made these decisions. Now it's just time to think of them in the context of wedding signs.

#1: Budget

Knowing how much you can spend on your wedding signage will largely dictate the rest of your steps. If you have thousands of left over dollars sitting around after everything else has been purchased (haha, rriiigghhhttt) then you can spend it all on laser-cut signs and personalized calligraphy. Or, if funds are a bit tighter (maybe this sounds a little more like it?) you can splurge on your welcome sign and purchase printable signs that you can easily pop into a $5 Walmart photo frame. The options are endless, so if you're able to set boundaries early, it'll make the decision-making process all the easier.

#2: Style

What colors/style do you want your signs to be? Do you want them to match or have a cohesive theme throughout? This should correspond to the theme or style you've chosen for your wedding. If you're going for a rustic look, then maybe all of your signs could be made from an old barn door or have a wooden feel to them. If you've weaved deep burgundy or pastel peach through your flowers and dresses, add an element of that color to each sign. They certainly don't have to match (although that could make it easier on you). At the least, keep a consistent theme throughout your signage.

#3: Time

To DIY or not to DIY? To help you answer that question, ask yourself how much time you have. DIY projects almost always take longer than you think they will. If you think a project will take you an hour, double it, while also taking into account the time to find the materials, have them shipped to you (or you traveling to the store) and any mess-ups that may happen. Although DIY is fun and allows your creative input, don't sacrifice your stress level if you don't have to!

On the other hand, DIY can save you a decent amount of money. If you feel confident in your time, style and budget, then jump right in! In the next few posts, I will include links to DIY resources for you to make it yourself.

I hope this has been a helpful first step for you in determining some of your wedding details! In the next post, we'll talk about what signage to have at your ceremony, including DIY posts and pretty ones to purchase. See you next week!

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