7 Questions to Ask That Will Save You Money On Your Wedding

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Three of the absolute best ways you can save money on your wedding is to prioritize, plan ahead, and pass on. (You can read more about those here!) 

Today, we're going to dive a little deeper into prioritizing. How do you avoid the temptation of going over budget with your catering? Or, not having enough to buy bridesmaids gifts? You prioritize! 

The art of prioritizing requires self-discipline and intentionality. But, if done thoughtfully, priorities can save you money and stress. 

Priorities are the cornerstones of your budget. You'll delegate the majority of your money towards them and no other purchase is allowed to eat away at them. They help you make difficult decisions and realign your heart to what is most important. For example, if you're ever tempted to book an over-your-budget photographer, priorities (and a well-managed budget) remind you that a honeymoon week surfing on the beach is far more important to you. This is the power of priorities!

Priorities are the ticket to creating a gorgeous, meaningful wedding without going into debt and potentially ruining your financial future.   

So, today, I'm going to give you seven questions to ask yourself and your fiancee to discover your priorities. Your answers will help you discover what really matters to you. Once you know that, you can make your decisions and break down your budget.

  1. What do we love the most about each other?

  2. What is one of our funnest/funniest/sweetest memories?

  3. What do we both bond over together?

  4. What is our favorite hobby or passion?

  5. What do we value most in our lives?

  6. What do we hope to see happening in our marriage - 5, 15, 30 years from now?

  7. What did we always dream our wedding would look like?

So, after reading these questions, you may be wondering how these actually apply to your priorities. My hope with these questions is to help you focus on your relationship and future marriage, which is what your wedding should be all about. Once you've discussed that and gotten a high bird's eye view, you can start translating them into practical priorities. Here are a few examples: 

If you both love to surf and bonded over that passion while dating, you could prioritize a Hawaii surfing honeymoon.    

If you've both always dreamed of getting married beachside, then you could prioritize a destination wedding.

If you both value starting a family soon after purchasing your dream two-story Craftsman home, then you could hold off on overly expensive decor and instead prioritize on your future. 

If you met your fiancee through a group of friends and they mean the world to you both, then you could prioritize on bachelor and bachelorette parties and gifts to show them your gratitude. 

After you've asked and answered those seven questions, narrow things down and write your top three priorities when it comes to your wedding. It could be the location, the honeymoon, and the food. Or, it could be the photographer, bridal party, and the paper goods.

Whatever they are, these priorities should link up with what you what your big day - and future marriage - to look like. Then, break down your budget accordingly. If the location is of high importance to you, put away at least 50% of your budget towards it. If the honeymoon is on your priorities list, then separate at least 30% of your budget towards it, etc. 

Once you have these priorities and budget breakdown in place, you'll be well on your way towards a stunning and meaningful wedding safely within your budget!