3 Easy Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding Invites

save money on wedding

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You're probably here because you want gorgeous invites on a small budget. You're not a cheap bride. You just know that you have to decide between gold foil invites that will eventually end up in someone's trash can or a photographer who will take photos that you'll keep for a lifetime. 

Thankfully, we live in a world gushing with gorgeous design at affordable prices. Here are three easy ways to save money - and still afford your favorite photographer! - on your invites: 

1. Use printables. 

If you've never heard the term "printables", get ready for your mind to be blown. Printables (sometimes also called "templates") are custom wedding invitation files a designer sends to you digitally. They typically range between $15-40 for the file(s). Once you receive your file, you simply print at home or any other professional printer you can find. 

This option is extremely affordable and you can easily find drop-dead gorgeous designs at this price point (like the one above!). Etsy is a treasure trove for these beauties. 

Be mindful, however, that printables take a little bit of printing knowledge. If you're going to print at home on your printer, you'll need to do some research on the best paper weight and texture you'd like. An easier option would be to find an online or local printer who can walk you through your paper types, weight, etc. My favorite online printer is CatPrint

Invitation by  INVITEDbyAudriana

Invitation by INVITEDbyAudriana

2. Find a design you love on Vistaprint or Ann's Bridal Bargains. 

If you'd rather not mess with the printables, Vistaprint and Ann's Bridal Bargains are also great alternatives. Both feature beautiful designs at very affordable prices. Nearly all of Ann's Bridal Bargains invites are $.99/each and I found invites on Vistaprint for as low as $.78/each for 100. 

Just as a note, however, I personally haven't used either of these two printers for wedding invites. Don't get too excited about a great deal that you don't check out the quality first. If you have the time, order a sample before investing to ensure you like the way they look! 

Printable Invitation by  The Tabitha Shop (that's me!)

Printable Invitation by The Tabitha Shop (that's me!)

3. Opt for only an invite instead of a three-piece suite. 

A three-piece wedding invitation suite includes an invite, RSVP card + envelope, with a details card. You can also get a little more complicated with an additional directions insert as well. Although gorgeous, these three-piece suites can rack up in the several hundreds quickly. My personal opinion is to opt for an invite only. Spend all of your budget on making that one piece stunning, then create a free wedding website (Minted offers free matching ones with their invites!) for all the rest of the details. You can include the website on the invitation itself. 

There you have it! Three easy ways to save money on your wedding invites. If you're looking for more ways to easily make your wedding gorgeous, click below on any of these posts!